Top 4 Tips to Keep Your Lips Soft & Beautiful

Soft and plump lips is all that a young lady desires for in her beauty regimen. A soft and beautiful lips not only gives a shine and glow to an individual’s face, but it also gives a healthy appearance to their skin.

A soft lips naturally give you that lipstick without lipstick effect and also lifts up the appearance game of your skin. Plus beautiful lips require minimal use of lipstick.  So, if you also want that beautiful and soft lips, then keep on reading cause here you will find all the simple yet very effective beauty tips for lips.

Top 4 Tips to Keep Your Lips Soft & Beautiful

1. Use Lip Products with SPF:

As your face needs a protection your lips also need protection from the harsh UV rays. Constant exposure to the UV rays causes darkening of the lips and thus creates a great damage to your lips. Not to forget lips have a thin and delicate skin compared to the face so using a lip balm with SPF is a must if you want to protect your lips. A lip balm with SPF of 30 and from a trusted brand can be a good option to try during the daytime.

2. Exfoliate Is Essential:

One of the best beauty tips and secrets that almost every beauty gurus swears by is a frequent exfoliation of the lips. Exfoliating your lips once or twice a week helps in removing dead skin cells and improving blood circulation on your lips. An exfoliate doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to buy high end scrubs from the market, an easy DIY honey with sugar scrub can also be a good option for exfoliation. Also, while exfoliating your lips, never apply intense pressure and always use lip butter or a lip balm for giving moisture to your lips. Once you’re done, you will be surprised by how great, easy and effective these beauty tips for lips are in general.

3. Use Lipsticks When Needed:

Lipsticks are like a girl best friend, when they go out for grocery shopping they wear it, for work they wear it and for going to a salon they wear it. You can’t really stop lipstick from a girl, even if it is their lip colour, they would still wear it no matter what. In fact, many girls feel embarrassed going out without lipstick in a market or to their friends house.

Lipstick has become such a staple piece in our daily routine that even if you want you can’t really ignore it. But if I tell you that prolonged use of lipstick can harm your skin then?

Yes, as much as lipstick is appealing to a person’s appearance, it is not really that great of a product to be used on a regular basis. Instead, go for some tinted lip balms that would provide moisture and appealing look at the same time without harming your lips. Now I am not telling to completely avoid using lipstick, use it, but when it is really needed like parties, brunch with your friends or night outs. Using lipstick during work hours can be avoided if you want your lips to feel healthy and beautiful.

4. Avoid Licking or Biting Your Lips:

Licking and biting of the lips is a big time no no if you’re the type of person who does it on a frequent basis. The saliva from your lips tends to dry out your lips even more and also leads to darkening of the lips so if you have a habit of licking and biting then stop that habit by using an alternative like lip balms for when you feel dry on your lips. Also a quick tip for all you lickers and biters out there, try to avoid flavoured lip balms and instead go for unflavoured and basic lip balms.  

So, these were some of the beauty tips and secrets for getting that soft and plump lips naturally. Try these steps out and I am sure you will be amazed by the after effects of these easy methods.